Thoughts from the Field

Tips & Tricks from the Eastcom Team

September 30, 2020

By: Jim Flint, Eastcom Upstate NY area manager

In the spring of this year we began developing a weekly quiz. Every Friday we have been sending out a one question brain teaser as a fun way to keep our minds fresh and spread locating knowledge in a time when sharing that info in person is next to impossible. While 2020 has certainly given us many challenges, we at Eastcom continue to take pride as advocates for underground utility damage prevention. A key element to that is making sure those in the locating community understand they have a source for locator knowledge with us. In addition to this we would be happy to share the pearls of knowledge you have learned in your experience in utility locating. If you have anything to share you can send it to us directly –

We plan to continue the weekly quizzes well into the fall and winter of 2020. The response has been tremendous and we are glad we can ad a little fun to everyone’s week.