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Introducing the RD8200 Precision Locator Kit, now offered by Eastcom Associates. As the benchmark for precision and dependability in locating underground utilities, the RD8200 is crafted for professionals who demand the most accurate data to prevent expensive errors. This kit represents the apex of current locating technology.

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Key Features and Benefits
  • Advanced Precision: The RD8200 utilizes state-of-the-art technology to enhance the accuracy of locating buried utilities, greatly minimizing the risk of damage to these utilities.
  • Multi-functional Frequencies: With a comprehensive range of frequencies tailored for various environments and utility types, the RD8200 delivers adaptable and highly effective locating results.
  • Guidance Mode and Swing Error Indicator: This feature provides clear directional arrows and auditory signals to aid in tracking utilities, while the innovative swing error indicator ensures proper tool use, improving overall locating accuracy.
  • Robust Construction: Designed to endure tough field conditions, the RD8200 guarantees both reliability and durability.
Technical Specifications
  • Operating Frequencies: Ranges from 13 to 42 frequencies across various models; includes passive power and radio modes for passive locating.
  • Display: Features a high-contrast, backlit display with an intuitive user interface, ensuring easy operation in low-light conditions.
Why Choose the RD8200?

For utility professionals focused on precision and safety, the RD8200 Locator Kit is the essential choice. Perfect for utility repair, installation, and maintenance, this tool ensures that every excavation is secure, and every detection is precise.

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Boost your operational capabilities with the RD8200 Precision Locator Kit. Contact us for detailed specifications, pricing details, and to place your order today. Trust us to provide the finest in advanced utility detection solutions.

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