Damage Prevention and Utility Locating Equipment Training

Eastcom offers free on-site product and application training for any precision locators we sell to our customers. From introduction to advance concepts on instrument best practices. Our sales team has combined experience of more than 120 years of locating knowledge.

Free training for Eastcom products
Free training on Eastcom products

Customizable presentations on utility locating, leak detection and ground-penetrating radar are available to fit your company or association’s educational needs. Our team is eager to share industry insights.

Additionally, our renowned “Fundamentals of Utility Locating” Seminar is provided on a regular basis throughout our territory where we will cover knowledge of utilities and locating instruments providing critical knowledge and skills needed to locate, mark and protect people from unseen dangers.

We are always happy to assist our customers with support, suggestions, and guidance for locating applications on the phone. You can reach us at 908.722.7774.

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