Eastcom Weekly Quiz 9/18 - Test your Knowledge, Win a Shirt and Hat

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September 22, 2020

Congratulations to last week's winner:
Joe with the Town of West Union, WV.

Here are the results:

In general, when locating via direct connect, which frequency will typically travel the furthest along the target utility?

512 Hz - Correct
8 Khz
9.8 Khz
83 Khz

Typically, the lower the frequency the more potential it has to travel further along an underground line. The higher the frequency, the quicker that signal will be absorbed by the ground and utilities around it and thus die quicker. Of course the conductor plays a key role in this, sometimes you need to increase frequency to get on the line. It's all a balancing act of putting enough signal on the line to locate it effectively without bleeding off too much and creating confusion.

Another great learning experience. Take this weeks' quiz by clicking HERE and answer correctly before next Friday for another chance to win an Eastcom T-Shirt & Hat.