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The Radiodetection RD7100DLM locator is a precision underground service locator, optimized for use in the pipeline industry. With five active frequencies, and four sonde frequencies, the RD7100DLM can utilize different sonde frequencies for tracing pipes which are manufactured from different materials and at various depths, where standard locate technologies cannot be applied due to the pipe material masking the standard locate signals.

Mark and protect your underground assets

  • Combined line and marker location mode eliminates the 2 step manual process
  • View survey points on Google Maps
  • Five active frequency modes, four sonde frequencies, three passive frequencies

Increase operator confidence on-site

  • Self test features allows confidence in your measurements
  • Automatic usage logging with GPS positioning
  • Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries extend runtime of system

Speed, accuracy, and reliable performance

  • Simple setup and use
  • Sensitive and accurate signal processing for reliable results
  • Built in transponder locates all nine common RF-frequencies

Ergonomic design, premium quality

  • Large high contrast screen
  • RD Map android app allows creation of utility maps on the job
  • Light weight and energy efficient

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