Water Leak Detection with DigiCorr

Tips & Tricks from the Eastcom Team

November 2, 2020

By: Gus Salles

Email address: gsalles@eastcomassoc.com

Last week I had another face-to-face encounter with a leaky water mains in NJ. I met with a customer in north central Jersey to demonstrate our DigiCorr, digital leak noise correlator. They had a confirmed leak, and they put an entire crew at my disposal to do whatever was necessary to get the job done.

What I did not know prior was that this particular leak was very likely on a short section of pipe, maybe 80 ft long, stubbed at the end! Correlators, and also correlating loggers (ZCorr), need to be able to “hear” the leak from either side of the leak, one side is not enough to get an actual correlation.

I gave the DigiCorr a try anyway, hoping that the leak was along the water mains and not on the stubbed end. Not the case, DigiCorr brought me to the junction where the stubbed section Tees off the mains. It worked as it is meant to, but not what the customer expected, I did not paint a white cross on the pavement with the words “Dig Here”.

To finish my DigiCorr demo, unable to tell the customer exactly where to dig, I asked the crew to crack open a fire hydrant nearby, which DigiCorr expeditiously showed on my laptop, indicating the distance to the newly sprung leak!