Two Products with Potential

Tips & Tricks from the Eastcom Team

November 20, 2020

By: Gus Salles

Last week I started testing a couple of products that speak of how fast technology is moving.

One is a set of two GNSS receivers (Global Navigation Satellite System – AKA GPS) that work in tandem, and that will yield GPS coordinates with sub-inch accuracy. Nothing new here, but the set sells for under $5K!

The other piece of equipment is a wireless inspection camera set mounted on a long telescopic composite pole geared towards manhole inspection. Again, nothing new here, but this system comes with software will generate a 360° HD video with a single controlled lowering into the manhole, for under $10K!

Not long ago, either of these solutions would have been, at least, twice as expensive as what you can get it for today. Too good to be true? Perhaps, that is why we are testing them to confirm that these claims are valid… Stay tuned.