Accessories for Utility Locating

Tips & Tricks from the Eastcom Team

February 18, 2021

By: Gus Salles

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We just finished recording and uploading to YouTube two home videos on various accessories that we offer with the utility locating devices that we sell. For the “locating geeks” out there, these are “cool” add-ons that allow a utility locator do stuff that would otherwise be difficult or not possible.

Take, for example, a Stethoscope Antenna; think of the device that your doctor uses to check your heart or your breathing. Plug this antenna into the receiver (wand), and now you can use “it” to identify a cable within a bundle of cables or in a distribution panel, or figure out which bolt is shorted in an insulating flange on a gas pipeline, or locate a wire along a wall.

Or the Plug Connector, that allows you to “plug” the transmitter directly to a power outlet and apply its signal to live wires. Then you can follow that locate signal all the way from the outlet to the breaker panel or power meter, and beyond.

Or a Submersible Antenna, which allows a diver to get under water up to 300 t, and locate submarine utilities buried at the bottom, up to 20 or 30 ft of cover.

All very interesting tools with specific use cases that expand the reach of today’s locating devices.

You can watch the two videos mentioned above at these links, with more to come:

  1. Radiodetection Accessories Overview, Sondes, Stethoscopes, Receiver Clamps, EZ Ground Rod
  1. Radiodetection Stethoscopes tabletop demonstration